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With a 20 year legacy as the leader in industrial supply chain management software, Elemica transforms their customer’s businesses by replacing manual and complex processes with efficient, predictive, automated and more reliable ones. All by connecting the disparate systems of customers, suppliers, logistics providers and other trading partners through their proprietary cloud based platform. The result of this seamless supply chain information flow lowers costs, reduces waste, accelerates growth and minimizes supply chain-related risk. 

Over the course of a year, RLD worked closely with Elemica’s executive leadership, conducting extensive site interviews with key stakeholders, their customers and industry experts. From there a comprehensive brand and messaging platform was developed that addressed the evolving needs of their existing and new customers. With new brand positioning in place, RLD began the visual exploration of the new brand identity, ultimately extending the chosen design direction into a system of end-to-end, go-to market customer touchpoints. Lastly, we produced a comprehensive set of guidelines and brand assets to support both long term and lasting success. Three years later, even post its latest acquisition, the Elemica brand has been carefully extended globally and has gracefully evolved in lockstep with the organization's growing needs

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Private Equity Partner
Thoma Bravo

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Over half a trillion USD in goods are bought, sold and moved annually through the Elemica Digital Supply Network. In 2020 Elemica was purchased from Private Equity partner Thoma Bravo for a $10x multiplier of their original investment just three years earlier.


Supply. Transformed.


Rick and RLD team took the time to understand our strategic vision and value proposition, helped us improve on them and that provided a strong foundation for our new brand. Amoung other things, this enabled us to create a truly new website experience, not just prettier version of the older experience.

The new website not only looks great, but resonates better with prospective customers. We were able to objectively quantify increased prospect activity as we released portions of the new messaging on the existing site while completing the new one.

Rich Katz — Chief Technology Officer, Elemica

Behind every powerful brand is an even more powerful story.

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