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Applications drive our digital economy. In fact, there are over 2 billion web applications in production today that support a global economy of $6 trillion USD. Apps don't just help the most successful businesses run; in many cases those businesses are made of apps. Thousands of them. But along with creating revenue, speed, and adaptability, those same apps can also create potentially devastating security threats.

After numerous acquisitions and countless rebranding efforts since its founding in 2005, Invicti faced many of the challenges that established companies encounter post acquisitional growth. It was time to realign the companies vision and renew a globally shared narrative that would unite internal stakeholders and customers alike.

Without clear positioning or a recognizable brand, it became increasingly difficult to elevate the company’s awareness beyond the success of any one product. Invicti wanted to reinvigorate the company’s brand identity so that it could, 1) embrace their unrivaled legacy and promote hard earned equities, 2) represent present day industry-leading innovations, and 3) inspire with their vision of a seamless application security future with zero noise and profound business efficiencies.

Invicti Corporate Rebrand
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[↑] Introduction to the new Invicti brand

Web-based applications are foundational to virtually every aspect of everyday life, whether they are used for shopping and remote work or to provide life-saving services in hospitals and to power critical infrastructure.


The Helix symbolizes the dynamic, rapid, real-time performance of Invicti's Zero Noise applications.

A key element of the rebrand was the introduction of the organizations new corporate symbol, the Octopus. An octopus embodies many of the core qualities inherent within Invicti (this is after all a battle between good and bad), including being a master of disguises, innate builders, and eight magical arms, each capable of moving independently with different intentions.


In an industry notorious for generic tech babble, the rebrand has become a stand-out with its people-centric imagery, and the “Helix”, a neural-network inspired multi-colored threadlike 3D animation.


Behind every powerful brand is an even more powerful story.

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